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Tofino Film Festival

April 23 – 26, 2015


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Warm up your cameras and
dust off your lens!

Tofino’s Guerrilla Film Contest is back for it’s 7th year. Once again, hosted by the ever supportive Shelter Restaurant. (601 Campbell Street | 250-725-3353) 

When: Friday, March 13th 2015 

As this year’s contest falls on ‘Friday the 13th’, we’re adding a special section for your best B-grade horror short.

Not into scary movies? No problem- we’re accepting all genres as per usual with cash prizes for top 3 picks chosen by your live audience.

Seaview Communications has come on board to support the contest this year in many ways. We’re very excited to announce that select films will be showcased on Community TV. Just ensure you’re not breaking any copyright laws (ie. borrowed music). This is a great opportunity to share your creative genius with those at home and those who have come from afar to sample our west coast culture.

Got Film?
Drop your DVD off at Mermaid Tales Bookshop (455 Campbell St | 250-725-2125) no later than Wednesday, March 11 2015 < That’s your DEADLINE… for serious! Submit as many movies as you can make, just ensure there’s a $5 bill, your name, phone number, & a petite movie bio attached for each entry.

Make Money!
1st Place Winner takes home a whopping $300 bucks!
If you’re not first, you’re last…
but we still give $$$ to 2nd & 3rd “winners” too.

Spectism Rules:
This is the primary fundraiser for the Tofino Film Festival so we appreciate EVERY nickel & dime. Admission is $5/person (CASH) but we invite you to empty your wallet into the coffer if you’re in the position to do so.

You will be aggressively encouraged to vote on your favourite movie following the show. You’re also invited to drink all the beers and eat all the foods that Shelter has to offer!

Get Social: @TofinoFilmFest #TuffGFC